Plastic, a fair-weather friend.

Although modern plastics have been a convenient addition to our lives for over fifty years, their use has come under the spotlight in recent times because of their proven ill effects on living organisms and, in particular, the human endocrine system. Sadly indeed, even those plastics which previously seemed so inert and without risk are now also drawing attention, including polyethylene-terephtalate, whose friendlier name "PET" made it almost as trustworthy and reliable as the family companion sleeping under the dinner table.

Focus of additional studies, other types of plastics used throughout the home, from those used to wrap meat, fish, tofu and most dairy products, or those plastics used in cute rubber ducks or pleasure devices, or that neat, new-smelling shower curtain, are proving dangerous to human longevity and good health as well, on account of their EDC (endocrine disrupting chemical) content.

Since our Mānuka honey aims to encourage good health and well-being to the greatest degree possible, Knopf Honey has begun to shift our packaging solutions back to glass, that noble, inert, traditional substance of decades and centuries past. Though less convenient, more fragile and more complicated to label, glass does not leach harmful chemicals into the food it holds, and that is indeed a perfectly suitable reason to use it, instead of anything made of plastic, of whatever kind.

Knopf Honey is the first (and only) producer in New Zealand to use recyclable GLASS jars for all its Mānuka honey packaging, and we see it as yet one more step toward the most direct and authentic journey for our honey, from our people-driven hives to your family table. We consider that the small risk of a breakable jar wins largely over a permanent one that cannot be foiled by simply being careful. Get a grip, as they say, and keep a good hand on that jar.

In addition to those wonderful and safe glass jars, Knopf Honey received in summer 2024 the official certification of its Mānuka honey as "Organic" or "BIO". Our culture and production processes have been the same for years, but we are very proud to hold official certification, at long last. Knopf Honey is New Zealand's largest producer of certified organic Mānuka honey. (view certificate PDF)

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Indigenous tribal wisdom, dating back centuries... Hand in hand with Nature, sharing the land with care, harmony and respect.

Round, rich flavour

an exotic touch TO your desserts

Mānuka honey is unlike any other honey. More flavour, more character, in ways that might be compared to round, fine and full-bodied wine next to simple fruit juice. Great chefs love its unique taste.

A natural antiseptic

in the mouth, deep down, or on skin

Scientific studies have underlined mānuka honey's natural anti-microbial properties, helping to fight those nasty bacteria that promote plaque and tooth-decay, poor oral health, or sore throat.

All-around superfood

wholistic health, inside and out

The Maori indigenous people of New Zealand were well aware of the special benefits of mānuka honey, which they considered one of Nature's great gifts. Make mānuka a part of your own life and diet.


Quality and traceability go together, at Knopf Honey, and nothing this good could really be imitated. Ultimately, working hard to bring you the best is a matter of pride and our quality certification is clear proof.


Knopf Honey has family business partners in both hemispheres, to facilitate prompt and efficient distribution of its product.

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If you are running a popular gastronomic restaurant, a small clinic or a major hospital, you expect your mānuka honey to arrive on time.

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Knopf Honey stands by its uncompromising supply chain, direct and certified, from our hives to the consumer's table.

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We would like to thank those customers who use Knopf mānuka Honey and who have agreed to share a few words about their experience.