About our beekeeping

Peace in faraway places

Our mānuka honey is as fine as it is pure, thanks to our hives located in some of the most remote areas of New Zealand. In this unique part of the world, where ideal conditions meet for the best mānuka bushes to thrive, we produce this extraordinary superfood and healing product under the most stringent conditions.

Truly monofloral apiculture is only possible in rugged, remote places, away from the complicated agricultural environments of busy, modern life. Such places require special people, with a particular kind of love for Nature and its wonders, but also a keen intuition for how it operates, its forever-changing conditions and, of course, its unwavering demand for absolute respect. The Knopf family and the personnel at Knopf Honey strive at every level to maintain very close ties with Nature, fostering as much as possible a locally-grown and local-living model, including the construction of their own housing, farms, orchards and fruit-tree nurseries, etc.


The Maori knew a long time ago that mānuka honey could help with the healing of various wounds, including burns, while reducing pain and boosting tissue regeneration. This special product was also known to help heal diabetic ulcers and other sores or ailments.


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