Knopf - A Family Business

Around the world, yet close to home...

Sometimes, just the right combination of things can make something very special happen. In the Knopf family, the typically Swiss passion for work well done, an intuitive feeling for Nature and three generations of complementary skills converged into the founding of a small and very dynamic company, over a decade ago.

Knopf Honey Ltd—now with a staff of about 40 employees, continues to grow and is now one of the world's biggest producers of Manuka honey, exporting its genuine, pure and fully traceable honey worldwide, for both medical and consumer use.

Located in a remote area of New Zealand famous for its Manuka bush, as well as in a picturesque region of Switzerland once favoured by the Romans, Raphael Knopf and his father Jean-Baptiste operate their energetic enterprise along an invisible bridge between their respective continents and the rest of the world. With over 10,000 hives currently in production, theirs is a busy, buzzing beehive of business, producing one of the most healthful and healing delicacies on the globe. Manuka honey is a precious, relatively rare product, one of Nature's most delicious wonders too, and its extraction, from harvest to packaging, requires expertise, intuition and skill, to ensure that every step is handled in the most knowledgeable way. Knopf Honey is Swiss precision at its finest.

Knopf Honey - Raphael and Alexander
Knopf Honey personnel