Production and Certifications

A Trusted Source.

Our mānuka honey is as fine as it is pure, thanks to our hives located in some of the most remote areas of New Zealand. In this unique part of the world, where ideal conditions meet for the best mānuka bushes to thrive, we produce this extraordinary superfood and healing product under the most stringent conditions.

The acronym UMF™ stands for “Unique Mānuka Factor”, an official, comprehensive New Zealand government standard, created to validate mānuka honey standards such as potency, purity, authenticity and freshness, for producers, customers and consumers in all destination markets.

Each product that carries the trademarked UMF™ label must first pass stringent Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA) quality, grading and rating tests. Nearly three decades stand behind the UMFHA organisation and its world-leading research to understand the benefits, properties and quality management of mānuka honey. Over 2,300 natural compounds have been identified in New Zealand mānuka honey, which give true, genuine product its unique flavour, texture and health-supporting properties, setting it apart as truly the best honey in the world.

The UMF™ is a comprehensive rating, determined on the basis of individual MGO, Leptosperin, DHA and HMF measurements. The latter are scientific, single-compound measurements whereas the UMF™ rating is a global, overall number, which gives a clear specification that both consumers and producers can reliably use, with regards to purity, authenticity and overall mānuka quality.

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